Standard & Test Report

Experts at ensuring international standards quality.

Quality Control: Every stage of the production process is closely scrutinized to ensure the highness standards of quality. For this, a series of extensive tests like hardness, permanent deformation, breaking strain, accelerated aging and density tests are carried out.

LGA Standard

Institute For Quality Supervision Furniture Test
Durability Test Nr.IWQ MBL 339 1443

ECO label

Eco Umweltinstitut Cologne Germany
Test Report nr. 832 / 1999 Testing Parameter : According Q U L e. V. Successful Result For :
Latex Content – Filler Nitrosamines – PCP – CS2

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100

is a globally uniform testing and certification system for raw materials,

intermediate and end-products at all stages of product.

The certification ensures that the products do not contain harmful substances and are not harmful to one’s health. Test report 09.0.70460

Ecology wise

environment sustainability means how biological system remains diverse and productive over time.

Rubber tree has 25 years of productive life and helps reduce greenhouse emissions by quickly absorbs carbon dioxide from atmosphere.

Post-production, re-usability is also key to our eco-commitment. All excess latex that is cutoff during fabrication is re-used as a support layer in mattress.