What is latex foam?

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How latex foam is made?

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Benefit of latex foam

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Standard & Test Report

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What is latex foam?

Latex…The Origin

Natural latex is a milky substance harvested from rubber tree plants (Hevea brasiliensis). The plant is grown in tropical climate plantations, primarily in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Cambodia. Harvesting the liquid latex is similar to tapping trees for maple syrup; hence, no harm to the trees, providing a sustainable resource.

Nowadays, Thailand has become the world’s #1 natural latex producer and exporter.


The Natural Benefits

The superior property of natural latex foam is its unique molecular structure, which permits extreme stretching – up to 200% without breaking or any alterations in its original properties. Scientists have utilized these properties of high elasticity and superior resilience to the maximum advantage in making latex foam products. Natural latex foam has become the finest material in cushioning products. In addition to the superior resilience benefit, natural latex also has the properties to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, which means it’s an inhospitable environment for bacteria and dust mites, protecting users from allergies and irritation.

At PATEX, we use only the finest 100% NATURAL LATEX to ensure maximum comfort while protecting our environment.

How latex foam is made?

Experts at every step of production

The Dunlop Process is an eco-friendly production method with natural, biodegradable ingredients from renewable resources and water-based raw materials: natural latex, air, and water.


100% Natural latex is extracted from the tropical rubber tree, like tapping a maple tree for syrup. 100% Natural latex, soaps, and rubber curing agents are precisely mixed in a temperature-controlled tank. Quality checks are performed on Ph, viscosity, and temperature.


The compound mix is injected into an aluminum pin core mold. The pins create our unique aerated cell structure.


Unlike other latex manufacturers, Pattani Industry washes every mattress core and pillow. The latex core is removed from the mold, placed into the washing machine, and rinsed with fresh water. Freshwater washes away residual soaps, curing agents, and proteins. During the washing process, the products are squeezed to less than 40% of their total thickness to remove the maximum amount of residual materials, which cluster deeply within the product. This vital step improves durability and comfort by removing residual soaps, curing agents, and proteins that could cause premature softening of the product.


The Mattress core is transported to a microwave and radio wave dryer, completing the curing process and removing residual moisture. Pattani Industry is the only one in Thailand that uses high technology for drying.

Resilience and Support

While natural latex foam with inherent opened cell structure gives naturally resilient and excellent support to the body’s natural position, the seven-zoned pin-hole, specially designed for ergonomic support, provides superior comfort with seven separate areas of resilience, eliminating backache and spinal discomfort for the entire body.

  • Natural elasticity provides excellent body support
  • The finest materials for cushioning comfort

Comfort Sleep with Built-in Ventilation

100% Natural latex is characterized by a ‘pinholes’ construction with a galaxy of tiny interconnecting air channels (open-cell structure)  providing natural ventilation. This unique construction allows airflow and reduces heat and humidity build-up, resulting in a healthy sleeping climate and a comfortable sleep throughout the night.

  • Open-cell structure provides natural ventilation
  • Reduce heat & humidity

Serenity Sleeps with No Disturbance

Not only is latex foam considered one of the most comfortable surfaces to sleep on with its naturally springy bounce and motion, but its natural elasticity also absorbs any movement and vibrations without disturbing you or your partner when turning over.

  • Natural elasticity absorbs any vibrations
  • Springy bounce without noise


Healthy Sleep with Hypo-Allergenic Latex

Unlike synthetic latex, 100% Natural Latex is inherently hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial. The mold, germs, and common bacteria that can develop in many other pillows cannot live in ours, making our latex sheet and pillows a wise choice for allergy sufferers and anyone who wants to breathe clean air and enjoy a fresh night’s sleep. The benefits remain even after successive use.

  • Antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • Naturally dust mite resistant.
  • Healthy: hypo-allergenic, antimicrobial, and dust mite resistant

Pattani Industry washes every mattress core and pillow using pure water to ensure purity.

Durability & Easy Maintenance

Because natural latex foam can withstand impact and indentation and yet return to its original shape, having high elasticity, hence, having a longer lifespan than any other materials with maintenance free — no need to dry in the sun or flip over like a spring mattress; hence, can be used for years without compromising on its unique quality.

  • The high elasticity properties make latex more durable than other materials
  • Anti-bacteria / Anti-dust mites properties require minimum cleanliness and maintenance

Eco-friendly & Chemical Free

100% natural latex foam can be degraded in the natural environment (Biodegradable), while the synthetic mattress is unable to eliminate and will be permanent rubbish in the environment. The biodegradable benefit of latex and our production process make our latex foam a pollution-free-100% natural product certified by ECO-umwelltinstitut standard, confirming that our latex foam are free from harmful chemical. Thus it is natural, pure and safe to all users.

  • 100% natural materials
  • 100% pollution free production process
  • Biodegradable

Standard & Test Report

Experts at ensuring international standards quality.

Quality Control: Every stage of the production process is closely scrutinized to ensure the highness standards of quality. For this, a series of extensive tests like hardness, permanent deformation, breaking strain, accelerated aging and density tests are carried out.


LGA Standard

Institute For Quality Supervision Furniture Test
Durability Test Nr.IWQ MBL 339 1443

The LGA Quality Certificate can be acquired for products which comply with the legal demands and in addition show good quality and fitness for use characteristics. The product’s quality features such as user-friendliness, durability, ergonomics or maintenance friendliness are subject to careful examination. The tests also consider safety aspects.

ECO label

Eco Umweltinstitut Cologne Germany
Test Report nr. 832 / 1999 Testing Parameter : According Q U L e. V. Successful Result For :
Latex Content – Filler Nitrosamines – PCP – CS2

Consumers purchasing products bearing the eco-INSTITUT-Label get the safety that the respective products fulfill the strictest requirements on emissions and pollutants and so they can use it without worries in their living and working environments. With the use of eco-INSTITUT-Labelled products consumers can activley contribute to improve the indoor air of their homes and reaching a higher life quality via this.

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Test report 09.0.70460

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a globally uniform testing and certification system for raw materials, intermediate and end-products at all stages of product. The certification ensures that the products do not contain harmful substances and are not harmful to one’s health.

Ecology Wise

Ecology wise, environment sustainability means how biological system remains diverse and productive over time. Rubber tree has 25 years of productive life and helps reduce greenhouse emissions by quickly absorbs carbon dioxide from atmosphere. Post-production, re-usability is also key to our eco-commitment. All excess latex that is cutoff during fabrication is re-used as a support layer in mattress.