Resilience and Support

While natural latex foam with inherent opened cell structure gives resilience and excellent support to the body’s natural position, the seven-zoned pin-hole, specially designed for ergonomic support, provides superior comfort with seven separate areas of resilience, eliminating backache and spinal discomfort for the entire body.

Comfort Sleep with Built-in Ventilation

100% Natural latex is characterized by a ‘pin core’ construction with a galaxy of tiny interconnecting air channels providing natural ventilation. This unique construction allows airflow and reduces heat and humidity build-up, resulting in a healthy sleeping climate and a comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Serenity Sleeps in Silence

Not only is latex foam considered one of the most comfortable surfaces to sleep on and the finest material in cushioning products, but it is also absorbs any movement without sound, enabling you to sleep with no disturbance.


Healthy Sleep with Hypo-Allergenic Latex

Unlike synthetic latex, 100% Natural Latex is inherently hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial. The mold, germs, and common bacteria that can develop in many other pillows cannot live in ours, making our latex pillows a wise choice for allergy sufferers and anyone who wants to breathe clean air and enjoy a fresh night’s sleep. The benefits remain even after successive use.
Pattani Industry washes every mattress core and pillow using pure water to ensure purity.


Durability & Easy Maintenance

Because natural latex foam can withstand impact and indentation and yet return to its original shape, having high elasticity, hence, having a longer lifespan than any other materials with maintenance free — no need to dry in the sun or flip over like a spring mattress; hence, can be used for years without compromising on its unique quality.


100% natural latex foam can be degraded in the natural environment (Biodegradable), while the synthetic mattress is unable to eliminate and will be permanent rubbish in the environment. The biodegradable benefit of latex and our production process make our latex foam a pollution-free-100% natural product with OEKO-Tex Standard, confirming no harmful chemicals in the products as it is natural, pure, and safe to all users.