7-zones latex sheet

The zoned latex sheet supports your spine in a natural, comfortable position that’s never too hard and too soft.

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Nowadays Thailand has become the world number 1 natural latex producer and exporter.

Quality Testing & Fabrication

Once dry, every mattress core undergoes a rigorous pressure/firmness/consistency test to ensure all cores meet stringent quality standards with even density across the core. Cores are expertly cut and constructed to meet our customers’ product specifications. Our fabrication facilities are able to create custom sizes and thickness.

Standard & test report

Quality Control: Every stage of the production process is closely scrutinized to ensure the highness standards of quality. For this, a series of extensive tests like hardness, permanent deformation, breaking strain, accelerated aging and density tests are carried out.


LGA Standard

ECO label

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 

Ecology wise